2017 GJAC Writing Award Entry Info

February 15, 2017 / Comments Off on 2017 GJAC Writing Award Entry Info



Hello, friends — it’s time once again for the spring rite of passage from the Golf Journalists Association of Canada: the annual GJAC writing, reporting and photography awards.

Nominations are now open. The deadline for nominations is 11:59 p.m. Monday, May 29, 2017.


We are dividing the Photo category into two sub-categories: Landscape and Action. In cases where submissions don’t obviously fit into either category, awards administrators reserve the right to determine the category in which they will compete.

Also, here’s a reminder of some changes we made last year to the submission rules that are still in effect:

  • Judges will be unable to identify the writer, photographer or publication associated with the entry;
  • Hard-copy entries via traditional mail are NOT permitted; only electronic versions of eligible work — PDF documents, JPG files or text pasted into an email or word-processing document, accompanied by a hyperlink;
  • Maximum number of entries per entrant is THREE (3) pieces of writing and THREE (3) photographs for a maximum allowable total of SIX (6) entries per person.

Again, more detailed instructions follow below.


The awards are open to all paid (regular and associate) GJAC members who write for legitimate publications or websites. Members can make up to SIX (6) submissions (any combination of no more than THREE (3) written pieces and no more than THREE (3) photographs).

All submissions must reflect the 2016 calendar year. Please direct any concerns, criticism, problems or otherwise to the GJAC board and not to the awards administrators. The categories are as follows:

  • Feature
  • Profile
  • Editorial/Column/Blog
  • Travel
  • Photography — Landscape
  • Photography — Action

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 P.M. Monday, May 29, 2017.

All entries should be emailed to BOTH jbrooke@globeandmail.com and jmccarten@froghairgolf.com and MUST include “GJAC Awards” and the relevant entry category in the subject line (example: “GJAC Awards - Feature”).


If your email address does not include the entrant’s name, please include it in the body of the email (emails will not be forwarded to judges).

Entries that originally appeared in print publications should be submitted by way of a PDF attached to an email; photos should be submitted via JPG file. Entries that include pasted text MUST include a live hyperlink to allow their eligibility to be verified. In the event an entry is no longer viewable online, please contact the administrators directly to discuss alternative means of verification.

If you have the ability to delete, redact or otherwise obscure the byline and publication BEFORE submitting your entry, please do so. Otherwise, administrators will do so before submissions are provided to judges to ensure blind judging.

Receipt of every entry will be acknowledged via return email within 48 hours of submission. Please contact the administrators if you don’t receive confirmation within 48 hours of sending in you submission.

Judges will have until early July to evaluate each submission. Full contest details are available on the GJAC website. If you have any questions about the awards criteria or submission requirements, the administrators can be reached at:

Jeff Brooke: jbrooke@globeandmail.com (416) 452-9282
James McCarten: jmccarten@froghairgolf.com  (613) 794-0848

Winners will be announced at the GJAC annual banquet/golf day, held the week of July 24 at Mississaugua Golf and Country Club to coincide with the 2017 RBC Canadian Open. More details on this event to follow.