GJAC encourages, promotes and recognizes quality Golf Journalism in Canada by:   

  • connecting journalists across the country to share ideas, interest and knowledge
  • encouraging members to celebrate equity, diversity and inclusiveness in golf in the stories they cover; and 
  • encouraging and supporting equity, diversity and inclusiveness in the membership of the golf journalism industry; and
  • acknowledging excellence through annual awards


The Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) was originally formed in 1995 with a mandate to attain proper media facilities and improved working conditions at professional and amateur golf events across Canada; to encourage and promote golf journalism in Canada; to recognize outstanding contributions to golf and golf journalism in Canada and to add a sound, objective voice to the direction of golf in this country.

After a multi-year absence, discussions with the Royal Canadian Golf Association in 2006 about a re-birth of GJAC resulted in further talks with golf writers, radio and TV personnel and freelancers across the country to determine their level of interest in re-forming the Association. Based on a great deal of encouragement from potential members and affiliated golf associations, the Association was re-launched in September at the 2006 Canadian Open.

The Golf Journalists Association of Canada continues to honour the best in the business each year with its annual Writing and Photography Awards.

In 2013, GJAC joined Twitter, to help establish lines of communication across the country using social media.

In 2020, the association held its first virtual Summit, the GJAC series is intended to help membership stay connected, as well as to generate discussion and opportunities around important issues in the game.

Past Presidents

2021-2022 – Rick Young

2019-2020 - David McPherson

2018-2019 – Robert Thompson

2016-2017 – Grant Fraser

2014-2015- Hal Quinn

2012-2013 – Garry McKay

2008-2011 – Rick Young