Mike Johnny

December 18, 2021 Mike lives in Burlington, ON, and focuses his golf writing on Canada’s top public courses and issues of public golf in Canada. When he’s not working on getting his index back to a...

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Rick Young

June 1, 2020 Rick Young is one of Canada’s most trusted voices on golf equipment & matters related to the golf industry. A founding member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada and multi...

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David McPherson

February 27, 2019 David McPherson is an author, freelance writer, and corporate communicator based in Waterloo, Ontario. His love of golf began at 11 when he received the best Christmas gift ever: a...

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Jeremy Kehler

June 1, 2018 Jeremy Kehler is based out of Ste Anne, Man. and is currently the Communications Lead for the Manitoba Open on the Mackenzie-PGA Tour Canada. Besides assisting the tournament, he also is...

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Scott MacLeod

February 25, 2017 Scott is the Associate Publisher at Bauder Media Group (Ottawa), acting as Editor for Flagstick Golf Magazine since 2000 and is responsible for content at Flagstick.com and Ontario Golf...

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Robert Thompson

May 8, 2016 Award-winning author and best-selling author Robert Thompson has covered golf for more than 15 years and has written for the likes of Golf Digest, Golf World, SCOREGolf, the National Post...

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Brendan Stasiewich

June 8, 2015 Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Brendan was introduced to the sport of golf by his father at 3-years old and spent his adolescent summers playing at Priddis Greens Golf and Country...

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Grant Fraser

June 8, 2014 Grant Fraser is a past GJAC president (2015-2017)and has served on the board as treasurer of the association since 2007. He is a multiple travel and photography award winner and a...

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Curtis Gillespie

June 1, 2013 Curtis Gillespie is the author of many magazine articles and five books, including the memoir Playing Through. He was won various awards for his golf writing, as well as seven National...

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Meggan Gardner

February 12, 2012 Meggan Gardner has worked for Golf Canada for 20 years; serving as the Director of Heritage Services for the last 7 years.   She has assisted in research for a variety of publications,...

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